Samples of Our Custom Made Jackets & Vests:

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Northeaster Wool Jacket. Style J-001

Varsity Jacket. **Style J-002**

Classic Vest **Style V-001**

Santa Fe Wool Jacket **Style J-025**

Single Breasted Vest **Style V-002**

Server's Vest **Style V-003**

James Dean Khaki Jacket **Style J-003**

Brad Trech Coat **Style J-023**

Trimmed Fleece Jacket **Syle J-004**

Football Pullover **Style J-005**

Electrical Workers Jacket **Style J-006**

Double Breasted Jacket **Style J-024**

Double Breasted Vest **Style V-004**

Camouflage Jacket **Style J-007**

Color Inlay Bomber Jacket **Style J-008**

Bomber Jacket **Style J-20**

Top Gun Bomber Jacket. **Style J-009**

Varsity Jacket. **Style J-010**

Trimmed Ladies Jacket. **Style J-018**

Leather Letterman Jacket **Style J-022**

Wool and Leather Jacket. **Style J-019**

Waterproof Jacket. **Style J-011**

Hooded Wool Jacket. **Style J-012**

Fleece Pullover **Style J-021**

Aviator Jacket **Style J-013**

Black Security Jacket **Style J-026**

Windbreaker Classic **Style J-017**

Smoking Jacket "Style J-027"

Neru Hospitality Jacket **Style H-003**

Classic Pullover Jacket **Style J-016**

Security Jacket **Style J-014**

Mesh Safety Vest **SV-002**

Leather Sheriff Jacket **Style J-015**

Racing Jacket **Style J-028**

Team Pullover **Style J0029**

  • Custom Clothing Made In The USA!
  • Making Your Custom Clothing Visions A Reality!
  • Minority And Vietnam Veteran Owned
  • Over 30 Years Experience Creating Custom Clothing
  • Producing For The World's Most Famous Organizations
  • We Produce Every Item Exclusively For Our Clients
  • All Manufactured At Our Facilty In The USA
  • Unlimited Fabric Choices...Styles...Colors
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